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An interview with Dr. Antal: Lala’s Role-Model in Research

老爷爷今年ACS meeting的时候在Lala后面一个做报告,用粗重沉厚的嗓音请Lala帮他upload了半天slides,他还再三解释他的笔记本操作系统是windows2000 pro,怕不兼容的要命。原来老爷爷在Lala心目中形象高如天神,今晚偶然看到这篇interview,发现老爷爷原来小时候是生活在爱因斯坦的阴影下的(家就在老爱家 bike-ride distance at Princeton), 整个科研生涯也是在扫地僧高人的帮助下不断慢慢成熟起来的。这样想一想,Lala还是太浮躁了。 Dr.Antal,Lala用中文向您吼一声,俺崇拜死你了!! ——————————————————- According to a recent in-cites analysis, Dr. Michael J. Antal Jr. of the University of Hawaii at Manoa entered the top 1% of scientists in the field of Engineering in … Continue reading

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