the Dark Knight

Everyone gotta go see the Dark Knight.  This is the best movie I saw this year, and the best summer big-hit I have ever seen since 1997 (if you can still remember which movie was it in that year). 
Super dark, super action!  Incredible!!!
The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins, has broken records by becoming the biggest three-day opener in the US box office history, $66.4 million.  (Lala contributed 7 bucks).
IMDB User Rating: 9.7/10 (23,611 votes) (Lala voted a 10, though I thought it should be a 9.5)


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4 Responses to the Dark Knight

  1. jun says:

    It looks quite scarely

  2. Jingyi says:

    I agree it\’s the best this year, so far. i\’m also looking forward to Mummy III… Titanic of 1997?

  3. Yulin says:

    bingo~~it is TITANIC that year

  4. says:

    Batman series?

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