Euro business trip-Day 1 in Vienna

On the 4th week with the company, I was assigned to visit the schenegen countries for a business trip…  what I can say about it? super!! I like high roller-coaster experiences like this 🙂
So flying from Boston to Frankfurt takes roughly 7 hours, and then take a quick transit from Frankfurt to Vienna, I did not even get a chance to feel about Frankfurt.   Though I did experience the long walk I got need to take in the Frankfurt airport 😦  After landing at Vienna, we met with our local folks from the host company, and it just gets really interesting.  The old guys started to discuss about the business issue, Lala started to be worry about the big pizza I orderred, and how to finish it.  The pizza was definitely more "like" pizza compared to the American pizza….
Anyway, Werner drove us from Vienna to a hotel just 10 km from the boundary of Cech, and we stayed there.  It is a rather beautiful hotel, quite unique color decoration and has a very nice golf course (18-hole I believe :))  I will try to get up early and do some running tomorrow morning.
 Some photos:
the hotel is definitely unique and pretty, since this is a vineyard, there are full rows of grapes grown by the side of the hotel.
I was suprised when I opened the little fridge door in my room, a selections of white wine and beer.
What I really like about are my collegues, they are so old-schooled but very nice to a newbie like me.  They told me about the depressing winters in Sweden, how Japanese do business through series of saki, wine, and private clubs: and how much they hate MaoTai and the Great Wall wine 🙂  Of course, they treated me three different bottle of white wine that made me so ready to sleep now…….

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1 Response to Euro business trip-Day 1 in Vienna

  1. Maruko says:

    wowowowow, lovely hotel and weather~~~~~~~!!!Super shining!!
    Why the last pic is kinda deformed? All in the pic look very skinny, which I dun believe is the fact~~
    Czech balds????~~ hahaha

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