Euro trip- day 2 in Cezch and Hungary

Due to the jet-lag, lala woke up at 4:30 am in the morning, and decided to take a walk out in the vineyard.  It was so quite and clean in the morning, though was a litl chilly …
Then we drove from Vienna to a boundary town in Cezch, since there was a site of business visit for us.  the jet-lag totally hit me, hardly… The OLD "fantastic" four are as energetic as mizong in some way, and I had to drive mugs of black coffee just to keep my eyes open.  Anyway, I think Cezch is kinda interesting, the factory reminds of Chinese factories in the late 80’s, and the people there all look like "a good soldier shiuaik" or DingDing to me 🙂  At noon I had a grilled trout with fish eggs, I will never eat that again i swear….
In the afternoon,  we drove to a Hungary town called Szobathely, I was so passed out during the drive and I even had a dream thinking that I am in Indiana coz there were many corn fields along side the road.  Anyway, it was such a coincidence that when I arrived in the hotel, the front desk told me that Arsenal is playing a match with a Hungary league team at 6:30 pm in a field right next to the hotel 🙂  The food in the night was awsome, I had roasted lamb and a chocolate pancake with flame buring on the chocolate and wine, and of coz the Gosser beer and white wine.  Anyway, this time I broke the dinner record set a month ago in North Carolina (that one was $75, but this time is in euros), so it was excited 🙂
busy day, so tired now…… going to sleep ~~~

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2 Responses to Euro trip- day 2 in Cezch and Hungary

  1. Maruko says:

    chocolate pancake w/ burning flame, sounds soooo yum….

  2. says:


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