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好喜欢 “浪漫九龍塘” from My Little Airport

算是很好的生日礼物吧~~哈哈,还有2天     my little airport<浪漫九龍塘> 詞/曲: 阿p 唱: nicole I want to sing you a song, about me and you went toKowloon Tong,we have to be very strong, if we want to do somethingvery wrong 我們終於去到了九龍塘,在城大旁的酒店爆房。你臉上沒有一點點的徬徨,我們都似是很開放。 I want to … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Energy Boondoggles

A Brief History of Energy Boondoggles Daniel Fisher, 11.24.08, 12:00 AM EST   How much of the $150 billion invested in renewable power since 2007 will we regret in 2027? Biggest Energy Boondoggles The U.S. Department of Energy has spent … Continue reading

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Bruce was an investment banker for 10 yr

Enter Bruce Jamerson, founder and president of Conifer Investments. Most of you have never heard of Jamerson. His name doesn’t appear on lists of local power brokers. And he isn’t a member of untold numbers of corporate boards or nonprofit … Continue reading

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McCain classy speech, this is a true good-heart, old maverick

Thank you. Thank you, my friends. Thank you for coming here on this beautiful Arizona evening. My friends, we have — we have come to the end of a long journey. The American people have spoken, and they have spoken … Continue reading

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Oops, I am a green collar :)

Green Collar Jobs to Fuel Future Economy (zt) With the economic downturn, many job markets seem in peril. However, investment in energy efficiency and renewable-energy strategies could create 2 million jobs in two years, economists claim. In a recent report, … Continue reading

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Halloween似乎过得很Happy, 在facebook上通过新建的腐败group认识了一些新朋友,所以周末也不会觉得太孤单…   刚刚跟爸妈视频结束,保证了半小时之内睡觉,可是又不小心打开了音乐的盒子…很奇怪发现Michael learns to rock又出了一张新碟,于是立马听听却觉得完全不对味…..怎么回事?我开始怀疑自己的耳朵,是他们变了,还是我变了?!anyway,不小心想到上一次听他们的那张碟已经是1997年,不禁又吸了一个了冷气,时间过得真的有这么快吗???赶紧找出那张老的专辑,嗯,很熟悉的词和旋律,确实也没有新的那么差,但好像也没有当年听的时候感觉那么好了;实在听不下去之后,我突然想起曾经似乎还对backstreet boy好感过好久,又是一口寒气……..   音乐一直在跳动,也突然转到了mariah carey的Hero,一下就想起了Jessise以及她给我抄写的那整页的歌词,好久没有见,没有关心,现在真是比水还淡的交情啊~~谢谢你那么好看的抄写,而那些句子也还一直鼓励着有时迷茫的我…. 凌晨的音乐总是忘了时间,忘了睡去………..

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