Remebering Henry

Hey big guy

haven’t seen you for weeks (as usual)
I was flying out here and there
So I thought you were in Boston for Thanksgiving with your family
until this afternoon, Jolin and her father walked in and asking where your room is
Now I know you are in a better place

I moved in on Sep 1, and today is Dec 5, barely 3 months
Even worse, my actually residence in the house may just be 3 weeks total
So for the few times I chatted with you, it was about fantasy football, NFL and whatever trivia
For most I saw you and Brian playing video games or eating takeout pizza/pasta in the messy game-zone of our house

Yes you are a lazy, big guy
But you stand out with your big smile on your lovely but equally big cheek
I can remember how loud you argue with Sandy over the importance of fraternity in college life (of cuz asian nerds wouldn’t get that)
I remember how much you mess up the kitchen sink and how that eventually broke up you and Sandy (man, I wish you’d clean the sink, too.  So I can be in a better mood while cooking on weekends).
No there is nowhere you are close to perfect
That’s why you are only 25 years old 
and there is plenty of years ahead to explore and perfect

But you are taken away too soon, too sudden, too unprepared
leave me in such a shock
and grief

Last time I remembered talking to you
You just started looking for a job in Boston/DC (where you girl may end up working) for next year
you said about your 5 year relationship with your girl
you told me about how much you felt lucky to be in love with her
when I asked whether you’d be ready pop the question and get a decent-size stone
you smiled like the usual big face cat but you said that’s near

Oh well
It’s snowing beautifully all day long for the first time of year here
It’s all white and quiet outside
and in the house
I just couldn’t help
burst into tears (man, last time I cried was when my grandma passed away)
while walking down the stairs seeing the empty game-zone

When I left on that Sat morning before Thanksgiving
I saw your two sisters walking into the door
your parents were parking outside
I thought they were coming to visit you for a pre-Thanksgiving gathering
What a fool I was

Life is mostly beautiful and lively
but sometimes it is just too cruel
and I feel so
that you are taken while there are still so many interesting stories haven’t yet occur

My grief and prayer go to your family
and rest in heaven, Henry.


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2 Responses to Remebering Henry

  1. Maruko says:

    my blessing and condolence tooeven tho it was just a handshake and a brief introductionTo the Big guy

  2. Jade says:

    Blessing too. Life is so trivial

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